Environmental Awareness


Over the years Grafinpack has developed an ever-greater environmental awareness, which has led to the implementation of a series of “green” measures in the production process, in the choice and in the treatment of materials.

First of all, we boast FSC® C141845, guaranteeing the use of paper sourced from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources for certified products.

Additionally, wherever possible, our preference is for treatments such as water-based varnishing, or offering windowing using PLA – a biodegradable and compostable material.

We’ve installed a 340kw photovoltaic solar panel system on the roof of our plant that powers our machinery.
Lastly, our employment of digital printing, compared to offset printing, vastly reduces processing and waste and ink washing.

With these measures we are able to properly, transparently and accountably demonstrate our active contribution to responsible forest management and our awareness of environmental issues.


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